“How a living and learning community is going to develop in harmony with the environment is one of my main thoughts since the SEKEM vision come to my mind.”

Dr. Ibrahem Abouleish

Our goal is to develop the individual society economy & environment

in a holistic & sustainable way. Launghing children, enthusiastic artists, busy co-workers, all living & learning in a sustainable unrealisstic, it has become reality. Since 1977,SEKEM Initiative & iSiS are committed to sustaiable development by a holistic approach.

An Economy of love

iSiS engages in responsible and environmentally friendly business
  • We seek to add value through our healthy Organic products
  • We apply a circular economy – Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle
  • Environmentally friendly packaging and handling contribute to a healthy planet
  • iSiS aims to use 100% renewable energy

A Healthy Earth

iSiS works towards our common goal of a better, cleaner
and more sustainable planet
  • Our products are free of pesticides which are
    harmful to the environment and human health
  • iSiS applies a water-waste management and
    footprinting systems to reduce and reuse water
  • Our entire production process is CO2 – neutral
  • iSiS uses the search engine Ecosia to plant trees

A Happy Community

We believe that a happy community is shaped by individuals, and it is our mission to help unfold their potential
  • iSiS donates a part of our profits to support the SEKEM Development Foundation which runs schools, a medical center, a vocational training center and other cultural institutions in rural Sharkeya
  • Through our Core Program, we offer our employees cultural and artistic workshops for unfolding individual potential
  • We invite our community members to participate in art
  • performances weekly in the Space of Culture
  • We provide all of our employees with regular training and development programs

A Connected Community

iSiS community is a family based on respect, awareness, & diversity
  • All of our employees are involved in decision making and are encouraged to propose initiatives
  • We provide fair salaries, comprehensive health insurance, appropriate working hours
  • Our close international cooperation with companies and social and cultural organizations stimulates a dialogue between East and West based on respect and understanding
  • The workplace environment is carefully arranged to give people an enjoyable work experience, which results in high quality products
  • We respect and care for human rights, equality and diversity in our community
  • All of our goods are produced under fair conditions for suppliers, employees and other contractors

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